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Do not believe the 10 places found Pokemon Pokemon Application with GO

10 quite inappropriate places found pokemones with GO POKEMON

Have you seen people walking the street as zoombies with his cell phone in hand and suddenly start yelling like crazy something like: "I found it! I ALREADY HAVE IT!"? Well, surely these people are playing Pokemon GO.

You do not know how to play Go Pokemon? Basically your cell detects where there pokemones near you, (yes, near you!). When you find them, you must go to the place, put your phone on the application in place that was detected and you will see the Pokémon. Not just what you see, but you can catch him and have it for your collection!

In short, the world is crazy (and not how to be?) And from all over the world have shared some images of the most inappropriate places found to pokemones.

1. If your mom sees what you're doing sure takes your cell

2. Definitely the hospital is not the best place

3. Apparently they just wanna have fun

4. And play with you

5. Although also they try to take you to different places

6. And will suit your tastes

7. Perhaps you tease a little

8. Yes, the jokes sometimes be too obvious

9. They love to have fun!

10. And not afraid of anything

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