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Girl victim's chilling Snapchat video inside Orlando nightclub as ISIS maniac opened fire

A young recorded the moment just when the attacker hit the bar Press Orlando-

A video posted on Snapchat shows the time Omar Mateen shoot goers gay bar Pulse, in Orlando, Florida.

The video was recorded by Amanda Alvear, a 25 year old who died in the attack.
In the recording you can see the audience dancing and drinking, in a second cut is Amanda whispering "shooting" (shooting), according to the newspaper, background bursts of gunfire are heard.

Omar Mateen, an American of Afghan origin born in 1986, became very popular gay unclub Orlando, taking hostages for several hours before the intervention of special forces of the police.

The video was posted on Facebook by Amanda's brother, Brian, who wrote that she was doing a story on Snapchat, that was the last time that they saw before he died he answered a call.

Amanda was one of 49 victims early Sunday June 12 on Press died.

"Si el hombre solo de preocupa de si mismo, puede llegar a ser un famoso erudito, un gran sabio, un excelente poeta, pero nunca un hombre grande y perfecto"