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Find out why. Now we can all go on vacation.

Now we can all go on vacation.

Earlier in the nineteenth century, with its technological advances, and the twentieth century, with the improvement of living conditions, they saw the rise of mass tourism. .

Currently generalized holidays are a fairly recent phenomenon. Change of scenery for the mere pleasure of it was I reserado the upper classes until the mid-nineteenth century, and still have to wait another century for it to be widespread. Today, restful break is within reach of most. But to get to the current situation have been necessary changes in mentality, social conquests, technological advances and major geopolitical events. In fact, the Laboratory for Research on Tourism at the University of Illinois, only in the late 1990s traveled more people throughout world history before.

The Force of Destiny, in recent years various courses and mercsdis. Nobody would have said a few years ago that at the end of the decade of 2010, China top the list of most visited destinations worldwide, along with traditional powers in this regard as France, STAT States. Nor could guess that all European countries rediscovered the fall of the communist bloc, which garner more fans among viajeris would Ukraine today is ahead of Canada, Germany and Mexico in tourist inflow.

They have also emerged specialized markets until recently unimaginable. It is the case of space tourism, opened by American millionaire Dennis Tito in 2001. Ecotourism, moreover, it is respectful to the environment and is orientsdo possible places unless altered by human presence. With solidarity ecotourism, you have the opportunity to help the development of the visited populations. With LGBT people homo, bi and transsexual can enjoy their holidays freely expressing their sexual orientation without fear aggression or discrimination.

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