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PERTURBARDOR known secret hiding place Michael Jackson

PERTURBARDOR known secret hiding place Michael Jackson

Tuesday showbiz without speaking to a report published by the Radar Online site, where they talked about disturbing evidence of the alleged pedophile Michael Jackson.

The news portal would have had access to police reports related to the 2003 raid on Neverland Ranch singer. Apparently, exposed king of pop mania for children, curiosity and pornography.

The reports contain details of numerous books, magazines and seized documents as well as images of naked children and adults, and images of animal torture and sadomasochism. It also mentions the existence of an alleged secret room that would have kept articles and photographs of the children of the children.

Michael Jackson secret closet

Police said the material found constitutes an illegal situation, but can be part of a strategy of "preparation" by which pedophiles "were able to reduce the difficulties of their victims and facilitate their aggression."

County Sheriff Santa Barbara, told Radar Online did not obtain the original documents presented as evidence in 2005. "Some of the documents appear to be copies of reports written by the staff of the police station and the photos taken by these same officials mixed with content that appear to come from Internet or other sources, "police said in a statement.

The portal also quoted an unidentified investigator in which Jackson was "shocking images of torture of children", which were not reproduced by the site. "The documents collected (by the police) trace a frightening and gloomy Jackson image," says this source.

The burning of closure

In 2005, Jackson was acquitted of a crime of sexual abuse by the family of a teenager 13 years. During the trial, the jury heard testimony about the sordid life style of the artist and his relationships with young children.

Managers succession singer of "Thriller," "Beat It" or "bad" because of their relatives criticized radar, saying that the publication occurs at times when approaching another anniversary of the artist's death, which occurred on June 25th.

"Those who are still trying to (...) exploit shamefully Michael ignore the fact that in 2015 he was acquitted by a jury of 14 charges against salacious during a fruitless hunt witches," said the statement.

"Michael is so innocent of those infamous accusations is now dead as when he was alive, even though he is no longer here to defend himself. That's enough," he added.

Also the nephew of musician, Taj Jackson, deplored Radar Online article in your own social network Twitter.

"Not only is not there any truth in this story, but I'm up to here. You live your life and let us live our" he wrote.

Look at some pictures of the alleged secret room in Neverland singer:

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